Hospital Public Transit Service


The Callaway Hospital Public Transit Service is a new and growing public transportation service provided to the general public, including persons with disabilities. By reservation scheduling, we transport travelers within the communities of Custer and Logan counties, including Callaway, Oconto, Arnold, Gandy, and Stapleton.

In addition to our local transportation, we can transport individuals within our normal service area to destinations outside the service area for any need, including shopping, to locations as far as Kearney or North Platte. Reservations are based on space and schedule availability, so call us as far in advance as is practical.

Call (308) 212-0464 to schedule a ride.

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ADA Policy Callaway Hopsital Public Transit Service
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Our first mini-van is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. It has seating for up to four additional passengers (not counting the driver). 

Rates & Information

All fees must be paid at the end of each ride by cash or check only.

From Callaway Area
Miles One-Way Trip Round Trip
<26 $6.00 $12.00
26-40 $7.75 $15.00
41-50 $9.00 $18.00
51-60 $9.75 $20.50
>60 50 cents/Mile + $2 each rider
Oconto, Arnold, Stapleton
Miles One-Way Trip Round Trip
<26 $6.50 $13.00
26-40 $8.25 $16.50
41-50 $9.50 $19.00
51-60 $10.25 $20.50
>60 50 cents/Mile + $3 each rider


At present time, we’ve opened up scheduling in which any trip will be considered (e.g., North Platte, Kearney, and beyond) on a first-come/first-serve basis. The best days for longer trips are Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Our typical day schedule:
Monday – Arnold/Callaway
Tuesday – Oconto/Callaway
Wednesday – Arnold/Callaway
Thursday – Callaway
Friday – Callaway/Stapleton

If we have a light schedule of riders on any of these days, we will take reservations on a first-come/first-serve basis from any of the above service areas. Conversely, if our schedule is at full capacity, we may not be able to take a reservation for a specific day and time. It will pay to reserve your seat as early as possible.

Important Information:

  • One-way rides of 60 miles or more will be assessed full round-trip fee.
  • Personal care assistants directly involved in passenger mobility assistance ride free. Any other guests riding with passengers are assessed ride fee.
  • Support animals directly related to a person’s disability are allowed on board but must be properly restrained. Comfort, therapy, and emotional support animals are not allowed, as they do not meet the definition of a support animal.
  • Service is curb to curb. Drivers will assist passengers at pickup points as needed, but are not allowed to go into homes or into final destinations.
  • Drivers cannot physically carry a passenger in the event they are without mobility assistance devices.

Days and hours of operation: 

Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Schedule a Ride

To schedule a ride, call (308) 212-0464.

Contact Mike Wendorff
Public Transit Coordinator
[email protected]
PO Box 100, 211 East Kimball St.
Callaway, NE 68825