We will take every possible action to protect and promote the health of the people in the Callaway Hospital District service area while extending respect and compassion as we serve each individual.

Callaway Hospital District Foundation

The Callaway Hospital District Foundation, Inc. was formed in response to a need; the need to provide the best possible health care and health services to those who use the services offered by the Callaway Hospital District.

Over the years, Callaway Hospital District has evolved into a modern community health center. The success with which the hospital combines traditional in-patient hospitalization with out-patient and clinic services is an important key to future development in all health care fields.

Although health care has changed dramatically since the original hospital was built in 1952, our goal remains the same. Like the decision to construct the new Hospital in 1979, and the new out-patient addition in 1988, the Callaway Hospital District Foundation, Inc. has been established in order to ensure continued and progressive health care for all citizens of the region.

To help us meet our goals, we’ve established a group called the Roots of Life Club – and we invite you to join. As a member of this club, you will be part of an organization of individuals who share a genuine concern for health care in our area.

Donations received will be used exclusively in the Callaway Hospital District. The Foundation will operate independently of the hospital, but funds managed and invested by the Foundation will be used for specific improvements, equipment, and services in the Callaway Hospital District.

Why does our Foundation need your help?

By contributing to the Foundation, you are providing lifesaving care for yourself and your friends and neighbors right here in the Callaway area, because 100 percent of the gifts you give are used locally.

Because community health care is adapting to a new, responsive role, Callaway Hospital District is worthy of more support than ever. The Foundation must broaden its base and work in support of the hospital’s many programs, both now and in the future.

A contribution to the Callaway Hospital District Foundation, Inc. gives you a chance to make a difference in the health care provided in the Callaway area. The people important to you, your family and friends, will receive the direct benefit of your gifts.

What does a gift to the Foundation achieve?

Security. The secure feeling of knowing you are helping to plan for the future of health care in the Callaway Hospital District service area.

Continued reduction in Medicare and Insurance reimbursement coupled with regulations that do not recognize the needs of rural health care, have the potential to severely hinder our ability to provide these services in the future.

Because of this reality, the generous support of the Foundation is paramount to the future success of programs and services in the Callaway Hospital District.

How are gifts made to the Foundation?

Gifts to the Callaway Hospital District Foundation, Inc. may take several forms.

A membership in the newly formed Roots of Life Club can be made at different levels. Membership categories are: Friends, $250-$499; Colleagues, $500-$999; and Benefactors, $1,000 and above. Gifts of less than $250 qualify as associated memberships.

There are also many other ways of giving, including life income gifts, gifts of personal property, paid up life insurance, real estate gifts, or gifts in your will.

Many make Gifts of Remembrance, both to honor an achievement by a friend, family member, or business associate, or to honor a deceased loved one.

Remember, a gift to the Foundation is an investment in the future of health care in the Callaway area.

For more information about the Callaway Hospital District Foundation, Inc., you may contact a trustee or the hospital.